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Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance Duties

(To be completed after EVERY practice or game of the day)


Take care of your fields and they will take care of you.  Specific field responsibilities are listed below. Make sure you and/or an assigned parent is assisting in maintaining your field’s quality and condition.

1. Infield-

A.      Pull bases and plug holes, place bases back into the storage box behind the backstop.

B.      Rake around bases pulling dirt from the opposite side of the base back into the low
spots to keep level and prevent puddles in low spots.

C.      Rake the infield pulling dirt 3 feet away from the grass to prevent a lip.



D.      Rake, brush, or screen the remaining infield.  If using the mat drag, stay at least one foot away from the grass-line to prevent lips.  Drag in a figure-8 pattern from third first base to first base intersecting at second base.



2. Pitching Mound- Rake, filling in holes and tamping, p ull dirt away from the grass to prevent a lip.
Rake batter’s box and catcher’s area. Fill in holes and tamp raking the transition, pull dirt away from the grass to prevent a lip.


*** Dragging and field mowing will be conducted only by authorized personnel***


3. Home Plate- Rake around home plate pulling dirt from the outside back into the low
spots (batter’s box and catcher’s position to keep level and prevent puddles. 
4. Dugouts- pick up trash in the dugouts and surrounding areas.  (This includes sunflower seeds)


Other notes:

Infield Fencing- Do not take any soft toss or batting practice against field fencing.  Do not practice pitching using the fencing as a direct backstop.


Outfield Fencing- It is up the coach’s whether to use the outfield fencing during games and practices.  Fencing will be utilized for tournaments.  It is the responsibility for the coach’s/ parent helpers to care for the fencing and properly storing it after its use.  Replacement poles are available in the storage containers and they are expected to be replaced if broken during use.


Lining the Field- Chalk is to only be used on the exposed dirt areas of the field ***Do Not Use on the Grass*** Foul Lines may be freshened up (after the City’s initial painting) using the Line Painter and field paint.




In the event that field maintenance equipment is missing or broken, please email [email protected]

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Sherwood Junior Baseball

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Sherwood Junior Baseball

PO Box 605 Sherwood Oregon 97140 

Phone: 503-610-2592
Email: [email protected]
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