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Batting Cage Rules

The SHS batting cage is a shared facility, and is the result of a partnership between Sherwood High School and Sherwood Junior Baseball. Proper usage of this facility will ensure that this partnership remains successful. 

  • SHS teams have the facility reserved prior to 6pm on all weekdays.
Basic rules
  • Leave the facility in better condition than when you arrived. Put any and all garbage in the trash.
  • Lock both doors and turn off all lights when you are leaving and nobody is waiting for the cage.
  • Return the key to its hidden storage location.
  • Have players use the access door on the northwest corner only, and do not interfere with high school teams on the baseball field.
  • Respect the schedules of team before and after you. Do not encroach on the time slot before yours, and do not run past your scheduled time slot.
  • No food, sunflower seeds, etc. in the cage. Keep the place clean!
Equipment and facility care
  • No climbing on the nets or pitching screens.
  • Do not leave any garbage or gear behind.
  • Keep feet off of walls.
  • No cleats in the facility.
  • If you move equipment around, return everything to the correct location before you leave:
    • L-screen and hard balls in west cage.
    • Square screen, L-screen, tees, and tennis balls in east cage.
  • Helmets on all kids at all times when in either cage.
  • Tennis balls only in the east cage.
  • Hard balls only in the west cage.
  • Three stations maximum in tennis ball cage.
  • One station maximum in hard ball cage.
  • When balls are in play, kids outside the cages must remain on either the north or south walls. 

Rainout Reporting Procedure

Last updated April 21st, 2015

Procedure for determining and dealing with rainouts for home league games in Sherwood. This procedure applies only to Midget, Junior, and Senior teams.

1. The SJBO Field Coordinator ([email protected]) will inspect the fields by 2:30pm on game day and make a decision.

2. If the decision is "rainout", the field coordinator will post a tweet* to the @sjbofields twitter account. You can access this twitter feed easily via text messages. See instructions below. You can also see this feed at The field coordinator will notify the West Hills umpire coordinator so that the umpires do not show up.

3. The field coordinator's decision is final, with the exception of games scheduled at Snyder Park. It is up to the coach of the team scheduled to play at Snyder whether or not to play the game. 

4. If the decision is rainout:

  a. Head coach must contact the opposing coach by 3pm.
  b. Head coach must record a rainout no later than 24 hours after gametime on the Westside Youth Baseball website, here:
  c. Head coach must quickly identify 3 makeup dates. Use the online field schedules to identify open dates.
  d. Head coach must, within 7 days, offer 3 makeup dates to opposing coach. Once a date is selected by the opposing coach, follow the Rescheduling Games instructions below to reschedule the game.
* You can receive automatic (and immediate) text notifications for all field condition reports on your text-enabled phone by texting follow @sjbofields to 40404. Or, just use a web browser and navigate to

Rescheduling Games

All game change requests for games in Sherwood (including rainout makeups) must be requested using the online game change request form. Please ensure you have checked the field schedules for field availability before submitting your request.

Bat Rules for JBO Players

The following bat rules apply for JBO players at the Midget, Junior, and Senior levels:

1. Any bat that is a "-3" bat (for example, a 32"/29oz) must be a BBCOR-certified bat.
2. All other bats -- that is, any bat that is not a -3 (for example, a 28"/18oz or a 32"/27oz) -- must have the USSSA BPF 1.15 certification.

For both certifications, the bat will have a stamp or logo clearly visible on it. Umpires will be checking bats for the certification stamp.

-3 bats are somewhat rare for JBO players, used mostly by stronger senior-level players. -3 BBCOR bats are required for high school play, so a -3 bat purchased for JBO play will be usable in high school.

Most bats purchased since 2011 will have the right certifications, but it's important to check on this before beginning game play.

Rule #1 was added for 2012. Rule #2 was added for 2013. 

These rules do not apply to T-Ball, Rookie, or Midget International leagues. All bats are legal for those leagues.

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Sherwood Junior Baseball

PO Box 605 Sherwood Oregon 97140 

Phone: 503-610-2592
Email: [email protected]
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